Factors to consider when insuring a private road

Private roads, unlike normal roads which are owned by the local authority or council, belong to the people that own the property through which it runs. Such owners may include private individuals, residents’ associations, or estate managers. As such, it is the responsibility of the private owner to keep the road maintained and insured.

Why private roads need insurance


If you own a private road, you might well wonder why you need insurance if, in theory, only a small handful of people are using it. However, if you consult professional like financial adviser truro, you will note that the simple fact is that any road, however private in theory, is, by its very nature, accessible to the public, and, therefore, subject to accidents and claims for liability. Furthermore, your private road is likely to be used by more types of vehicles than you might initially think.

Apart from residents and their visitors, these might include delivery drivers, dustmen, utility company vehicles, and taxis. Postmen are a case in point. In the UK, for example, any postman who has an accident where the liability can be attributed to a road, pavement or verge will nearly always sue for damages, even if it occurs on a private road because their union supports them doing so.

Reasons to insure a private road


Even if your road is private, it may be adjacent to a public area, like a communal car park, or a right of way. When people and vehicles mix, there is always the potential for accidents. While the most common cause of accidents is due to poorly maintained road surfaces or falling trees, there is always the risk of more serious incidents, such as spillage from a delivery truck, or even a collision resulting in physical injury.

Legal claims

Legal claims can arise where there is no moral fault – the owners have taken all reasonable steps to safeguard the road and its users, but they are still legally liable, as a result of an accident, to pay compensation. There can also be malicious claims which need to be dealt with because ignoring them, can result in legal proceedings, and the risk of an adverse judgment, however spurious the claim. Insurance then is necessary for the private road owner.

Factors to consider when insuring a private road

Involved parties

First of all, if there is more than one owner of the road, then they should be contacted and made aware of the situation, as a joint policy should be taken out. This is because, where a private road is owned equally, home owners are personally liable for damages. The fact that one of the owners has insurance in place does not relieve the others of their legal responsibilities.

Type of cover

The level of cover needs to be factored into the equation. For example, beyond protecting you in the event of somebody suffering an injury or damage to their car as a result of using the private road, what else is covered? Some policies protect against damage to signs, gates, fences, street lights and security fences, for example. And there are others that will indemnify you for the cost of repairing underground cables, pipes and drains where these are not the responsibility of the utility company.

Insurance company reputation

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car wrecks after accident

The Need for Motor Trade Insurance

It Is Cost Effective Compared to Private Car Policy

Regarding premiums, the motor trade insurance is cheaper than private car insurance policies. This is where the difference comes in, a trader’s policy covers many cars under the same policy. This makes it cost effective. If you are a business owner operating a fleet of cars, this is the policy you need to take. Taking a private insurance policy for each car will be very expensive for you. Other than saving you cash, the motor trade insurance comes with additional benefits like, covers both the vehicle and the driver in case of accidents and you can let your customers take a test drive without the fear of accidents.

Allows You to Modify or Make Changes to Your Car Without Paying an Extra Charge

vehicle insuranceAmong the biggest disadvantages of private insurance policies is that you will be required to pay an extra premium anytime you make changes to your car. This is not the case with the motor trade since you can modify your car as much as you need without adding anything to the premiums. The insurance policy allows you to use the business cars for private use as long as you are not carrying out another form of business.

Covers Many Risks

Motor trade business is risky. It carries many risks including, the vehicle, employees, customers and third party. Any of the above can be injured in case of an accident. This insurance policy covers any damages to the vehicle and customers on the business premises or the customer’s premises. Different companies cover different risk factors. Hence it is important for you to go through quotes from different companies and choose that which suits you best.

Saves You Worry and Money in Case of Accidents

A motor insurance policy saves the vehicle owner a lot of money in the event of accidents. He or she might be able to pay for the damages, but it will mean parting with huge amounts of business money. With the motor trade policy, all the damages will be taken care. Hence the business owner will not lose any business money.

Covers Third Parties

fleet of carsThe comprehensive cover of the motor insurance policy is the best deal; it covers third party liabilities. Damages that might have occurred to the third party due to accidents, theft or fire breakouts are all covered. The policy, also, covers damages caused to the third party due to the negligence of the motor business management. This is as per now the best insurance policy for people in the motor business. To understand more about the motor trade insurance, visit www.utilitysavingexpert.com/motor-trade-insurance/


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How to Choose the Best Car Insurance Company

Are you looking for the ideal car insurance company, but you do not know where to start? If the answer is yes, then you have landed at the right spot. Car insurance is essential if you have a motor vehicle. The insurance company will come in handy in the event you have been involved in a crash.

In fact, in many parts of the world, it is not possible to register your car if it does not have insurance. This article highlights some of the essential facts that you need to know when you are selecting the best car insurance.


man driving a car with gprsWhen you are looking for the perfect car insurance company, you need to comprehend what amenities and covers that you are looking for. This will help you get the right company that will be able to insure you.

Do not just go for cheap auto insurance since it might prove to be expensive in the long run. Look at other aspects of the company like the customer service. You should set your priorities right when you are looking for the best car insurance.

Financial Standing and Reputation

The financial standing and reputation are the other important factors that you have to look at when you are choosing the best insurance company. After you have narrowed down to three or four insurance companies, this should be the next step.

You can do some investigative work to establish the financial standing and the reputation of the insurance company. Make sure that the company is licensed and authorized to offer the insurance service.

Car Insurance Quotes

Once you have been given the insurance quotes, ensure that you compare the quotes with other insurance providers. One of the most common pitfalls when it comes to the selection of the insurance cover is that many people only look at one company. The Mychoicecarinsurance.ca in Toronto is my preference in Canada.

Always look at more than one insurance company and compare their quotation. You can also talk to your friends and family about their vehicle insurance provider. When you consult widely, you will be at a better stage to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best car insurance company.

Evaluate your Coverage

man repairing a carIt is always advisable that you evaluate your coverage periodically. This is because most of the car insurance companies typically reduce their premiums for various events like purchasing a new car, moving to places that are prone to crimes, and change of marital status. By reviewing the coverage periodically, you will be able to establish if the kind of coverage is ideal for you or not.


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The benefits of motor trade insurance

Obtaining a motor trade insurance may be tasking particularly in the beginning of the year whereby you have numerous things to take care of. Just like any other form of insurance, you must tread carefully when choosing the ideal motor trade insurance. Whereas you can use the internet to look for a perfect service provider, you should exercise caution as well since you might be directed to the scamming websites. All in all, motor trade insurance is ideal for individuals with motor vehicles. Let us look at some of the benefits of motor traders insurance;



It is important to have combined motor trade insurance cover especially if you are in the automotive business. Many motor traders are now taking up the motor trade insurance cover. One of the reasons is because the combined policies are ideal for companies that have their premises. The premise could be their build, forecourt, warehouse, or a workshop just but to mention a few. When all these are combined, they form the basis of the combined package.

Less administration

With the motor trade insurance, you will expect less government. At times, it is ideal to have one supplier who you pay either annually, semi-annually, or monthly. Most people in the motor trade industry do not like a lot of paperwork since they are usually more technical. The lesser the paperwork, the better for most of them. By consolidating various policies that they have, they will significantly reduce their paperwork which will be good news to their accountants and individuals who audit their books. They also have the option of paying annually which means that they are only notified once a year of the amount of money that they are to pay.

Lower fees

By adopting the motor trade insurance; it leads to lower costs. This is because the multiple insurance covers are usually consolidated to one. This reduces the cost that is associated with each policy since such policies are often charged individually. Many motor vehicle companies are increasingly doing this. Since there are many another service provider, providing the same, prices have drastically gone down because of competition. This is one of the reasons as to why the clients are getting the best deal on the same.

Better coverage


The motor trade insurance offers better coverage than the individual policies because it is comprehensive. A client can get coverage for all the items in his business. Not just the vehicles but the building and other assets that he owns.

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